Warstic - GUNNER USSSA Senior League (-10) Bat

Drop -10 Sizes: 27 in. / 17 oz.
Sale price$299.99


The 2022 Gunner USSSA Metal Baseball Bat has an all new construction and is now available in -8 and -10. This versatile weapon is for contact hitters.

Updated with a longer barrel to maximize the sweet spot, the Gunner is a tool that will command the respect of your adversaries when you step into the box.

Hitters that swing the Gunner are always in attack mode at the plate. They are in the lineup to hit the ball hard, and often. The Gunner is great at gap to gap, but possesses the power to go deep when it’s time. It has the right combo of power and control for adaptable, contact hitters who like two-piece feel technology, but with a more classic baseball bat swing.

The Gunner is balanced, but not so much that you lose the feel of the barrel. If you can really hit, you don't want an overly balanced bat.

A portion of the sales from each Gunner Metal Bat sold benefit the recovery and rehabilitation of US injured Veterans.

  • Two-piece hybrid bat built to resemble the specs of the i13 wood bat.
  • Enhanced composite and alloy materials create a true Power Balanced output, making it easy to swing for all players.
  • Improved connection joint that better eliminates vibration, while adding just the right amount of stiffness.
  • Designed to be all business with its matte gray finish, with the exception of the glossy "Wartip" on the Warstripe side of the bat.
  • Power balanced feel falls right in the middle of Hawk 2, our end-loaded bat, and Bonesaber, our speed-loaded, balanced bat.
  • Updated end cap from the 2020 model, with increased strength and durability. Still features its signature deep, gunshot-like sound at contact.
  • Two-tone natural brown and gray grip.
  • Barrel size: 2 3/4" USSSA Certified
  • Weight_2lbs
  • Dimensions_32×3×3in
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