We offer private lessons for students of all ages and ability levels. Our experienced and knowledgeable instructor is a former pro and college player/coach who utilizes proven techniques along with video analysis to teach students the mechanics of hitting, pitching or catching.

Our instructor is committed to providing an instructive and fun environment for each student. We want to see each student improve in every skill, and we will encourage and provide athletes with a safe facility so they can work to improve their performance. Whether it is to learn the basic fundamentals or to acquire the fine tuning needed to push you to the next level, call us today to schedule your next lesson. Our instructor has worked with many athletes who have gone on to have successful college and pro careers.

Meet Our Instructor


All of our private lessons are taught on a one-on-one basis by our knowledgeable and experienced instructor. All lessons are 30 minutes long, and students come on a regularly scheduled basis. Students are taught the mechanics of hitting, pitching or catching. Parents are encouraged to watch and listen. We ask that all questions and comments be held until the end of the lesson, at which time the instructor will be happy to answer all questions.

To schedule lessons, please call 615-399-BATS (2287)