Victus Vandal Lev3 (-5)

Drop -5 Sizes: 32 in. / 27 oz.
Sale price$249.99


The Victus Vandal Lev3 (-5) bat is one of the most balanced USSSA bats on the market. This one-piece hybrid construction bat is designed to provide a lightweight yet powerful swing. Victus included VXP Alloy for premium pop & durability, a ringless barrel design for optimal performance, and carbon composite barrel end that elevates swing speed, making this bat an ideal choice for any player. With its ergonomic handle, you can be sure of greater bat control & swing feel, while the vibration reducing knob prevents sting in the hands. The super balanced feel makes this a great (-5) bat for the kids that have to transition to the drop 3 soon.

Upgraded and optimized, meet the next evolution in swing speed: the Vandal Lev3.

For maximum comfort and control, we added the VR knob to kick unwanted vibration and feedback to the curb, and a custom-fit ergonomic handle taper that'll have you feeling like you own the batters box.


One-piece aluminum hybrid design built with a carbon composite barrel end removes excess weight from the distal end of the bat for increased swing speeds
Ultra-balanced design with low M.O.I provides faster bat speed through the zone resulting in faster ball exit speeds
Ergonomic handle taper custom-fit for each weight drop for more bat control and better overall feel. Designed to be easily removable to fit athletes’ preferences.
Micro-perforated soft-touch grip improves feel and control

Vibration reducing knob mitigates sting and unwanted feedback from off-center hits
Extreme performance VXP alloy increased pop and extended durability
Ringless barrel design made of multi-variable wall thicknesses thinner, more flexible sweet spot for unmatched performance

2 3/4" barrel diameter
USSSA Certified
One year manufacturer warranty included

  • Weight_2lbs
  • Dimensions_34×3×3in
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