Under Armour Adult Framer 33.5" Catcher's Mitt (UACM-101A)

Hand Selection: Left Hand Throw
Sale price$99.99


The all new Under Amour Framer II series catcher’s mitt from Under Armour features an all leather construction.

Available in Left and Right Hand Throw models.

Vertical lacing provides added support in the web and PTH palm padding which prevents sting and extends the life of the mitt. Vertical laces between the web and pocket of the mitt make the mitt much stronger and reduce chances of a snapped lace or torn web.


* 33.5 inch Catcher's Model

* Closed Web

* PTH Padding in Base of the Hand

* 100% Leather construction

* Wide & Deep Pocket

* Vertical lacing

* Quality embroidered logos

Available in Left and Right Hand Throw models.

  • Weight_3lbs
  • Dimensions_0×0×0in
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