Stringking - Metal Pro BBCOR Baseball Bat

BBCOR (-3) Sizes: 32 in. / 29 oz.
Sale price$99.99


Maximum Performance

Our Metal Pro bats are our highest-performing bats. We utilize our most advanced engineering and best materials to deliver all the performance of a top-tier bat, but at a fraction of the price. Built for long-lasting performance.

Power and performance.

The StringKing Metal Pro BBCOR aluminum alloy baseball bat combines premium materials and superior manufacturing to deliver a powerful baseball bat with consistent performance.

Max Power. Max BBCOR.

The BBCOR rating of the Metal Pro baseball bat peaks at over .499, as close to the legal limit of .500 as possible. Metal Pro leads other top alloy baseball bats in both max BBCOR rating and overall power output, all at an unbeatable price.

Balanced Speed. Balanced Power.

The Metal Pro baseball bat features a balanced weight distribution that's slightly end-loaded. As a result, you get faster hands and a more powerful swing.

Consistent Power. Consistent BBCOR.

We engineered the Metal Pro baseball bat to have a BBCOR rating that stays as high as possible throughout the barrel. It peaks at over .499 and stays consistent, giving you a wider sweet spot and more consistent power.

  • Weight_2lbs
  • Dimensions_34×3×3in
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