Rawlings R9 32.5" Catcher's Mitt (R9CM325BG)

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Youth Glove Designed for Youth Hands……Not Dad’s.

When your glove fits better, you play better. 

Right-Hand Throw Model.

Exceptional Quality at a Value You'll Love!

The Rawlings R9 32.5" Catcher's Mitt was crafted with young, up-and-coming backstoppers in mind. This model's 1-piece solid web and quality leather construction make it easy to break in. In addition, the gold binding and stitching provide the perfect accent to help "paint the corner" for your pitcher.

As a result, you'll be able to frame more pitches as strikes, and help keep your team in control of the game every inning out. The perks don't stop there because, all our R9 series gloves are made with a padded thumb sleeve and finger-back liners to give you more support and protection. The R9 Catcher's Mitt is also created with a reinforced palm pad. As a result, you don't have to worry about stingers on even the fastest pitches.

All of these spectacular features are packed in a classic, eye-catching black and gold design. This Rawlings R9 32.5" Catcher's Mitt is perfect for select youth and high school players looking for a great value from a quality leather gamer.

Don't miss another wild pitch, get your R9 series catcher's mitt today, and rise to greatness this season!

  • 32.5" Catcher's Mitt
  • 1-Piece Solid Web
  • Soft, durable all-leather shell designed to be game-ready
  • Redesigned heel pad for easier close
  • Conventional back features a wide opening above the wrist
  • Pro style patterns
  • Tennessee Tanning pro lace
  • Deer-tanned cowhide lining
  • Reinforced palm pad for impact protection
  • Padded thumb loop for added comfort
  • Padded fingerback lining for a soft, comfortable feel

Right-Hand Throw Model.

  • Weight_3lbs
  • Dimensions_15×12×6in
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