Rawlings HOH 12" Fastpitch Glove (PRO120SB-3BW)

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At 12″ this model is versatile and can be used anywhere on the field.

Right Hand Throw Model.

Fits like a glove is a meaning softball players have never truly understood. We'd like to introduce to you the Heart of the Hide® Softball line of gloves: the perfect fit. The hand-opening, finger stalls and pattern are tailored to the female athlete's hand with more attention and detail than ever before. You won't be disappointed.

Constructed from Rawlings’ world-renowned Heart of the Hide® steer hide leather, Heart of the Hide® gloves feature the game-day patterns of the top Rawlings Advisory Staff players. These high quality gloves have defined the careers of those deemed “The Finest in the Field®,” and are now available to elite athletes looking to join the next class of defensive greats.


* Closed Basket Web pattern

* Pitcher/Infield glove

* 70% player break-in

* Recommended for adult or elite player

* Conventional open back with wrist strap

* Tennessee Tanning pro lace

* Deer-tanned cowhide lining

* Heart of the Hide traditional leather shell

Right Hand Throw model.

  • Weight_5lbs
  • Dimensions_0×0×0in
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