Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS205-4MO 11.75" Baseball Glove

Hand Selection: Right Hand Throw
Sale price$379.99


This 11.75″ Pro Preferred model is designed for pitchers and infielders. This glove is designed to fit a high school player and up. It has a deep pocket and a modified Trap-eze web. The dark brown leather and the royal logo make this glove really stand out. The Pittards Sheepskin leather is used for the inner palm lining. This material is exceptional at wicking away moisture and it adds superior comfort. This glove also has a padded thumb sleeve and 100% pro grade laces for more stability.

This is the all-new Rawlings Pro Preferred 11.75” Baseball Pitcher/Infield glove. This artfully crafted pitcher/infield glove is designed using Rawlings’ popular 200-pattern and a Modified Trap-Eze web. These features give players a large pocket and extreme versatility across the infield or on the mound. It was artfully crafted from highly durable, ultra-luxurious, full-grain kip leather for an unmatched look and feel. The Pittards sheepskin palm lining combines with the wool wrist strap to provide lasting comfort and improve control on the hardest hit balls. The 100% wool padding inside this 11.75” pitching/infield model aids in forming and maintaining the ideal pocket. Padded thumb and pinky sleeves offer even more hand comfort and increased support while you are fielding short hops in the infield or sharply hit comebackers on the mound. Feel the confidence every time you take the field with this Rawlings Pro Preferred 11.75” Model.

  • Weight_2lbs
  • Dimensions_10×10×10in
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