Rawlings Corey Seager Pro Label Maple Bat (CS5PL)

Wood Bat Length: 32 Inches
Sale price$149.99


Check out the new Pro Label line featuring some of the best hitters in the game, and their trusted game-day models.

There’s no doubt that we take note when our Pros ask for their gear to be made a certain way: they are the best in the business for a reason. Our responsibility is not only to make sure they have what they need, but that you do too, especially when their products are this good.

Wood Saver Technology - These Pro Line bats are factory sealed to ensure preferred weight in all climates. Wood this good is meant to maintain it's optimal performance.


* Handle: 15/16 in

* Feel: End Loaded

* Wood: Pro Grade Maple

* Weight Drop: Approx. -3

* Big League-grade Ink Dot certified

* 30-day warranty included

  • Weight_3lbs
  • Dimensions_0×0×0in
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