Rawlings 11.5" PRO PREFERRED GLOVE (PROS314-32MO)

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Rawlings Pro Preferred gloves represent the gold standard in premium baseball gloves — and you can feel the difference when you put one on.

Right-Hand Throw Model.

This mitt was constructed with the same, superior comfort expected from any Pro Preferred glove.

The Rawlings 11.5" Pro Preferred Infield glove is crafted with flawless, supple kip leather. This creates a high-performance glove shell that's durable and perfectly soft. On top of that, this glove features 100% wool padding. Wool padding aids in pocket formation and shape retention over time.

On the interior, Pittards sheepskin lining wicks away moisture and keeps your hand cool and comfortable all game long. Additionally, each Pro Preferred glove comes with an individual ID number. This makes your glove truly one of a kind. It is easy see why countless pros turn to these gloves on gameday when you put your hand in your Pro Preferred 11.5-inch Infield glove.

In addition to superior quality, this Pro Preferred infield glove features the same comfortable feel expected from any Pro Preferred glove. The top pro gameday patterns and pro-grade materials unite to deliver the quality and performance that the very best in the game demand rely on season after season. Its Pittards' Sheepskin lining, wool wrist strap, and padded thumb sleeve keep your hand feeling great no matter what weather you're playing in.

When you first put on this Rawlings 11.5" Pro Preferred infield glove, you'll see why Rawlings is the #1 choice of pros, and the Official Glove of MLB™.

See why more pros trust Rawlings than any other brand, order yours now!


  • 11.5" Infield Glove
  • X-Laced Single Post Web pattern
  • Pittards sheepskin palm lining wicks away moisture and adds superior comfort
  • 100% wool padding aids in pocket formation and shape retention
  • Conventional back features a wide opening above the wrist
  • Authentic Pro pattern
  • Pro grade leather laces add durability and strength
  • Full-grain kip leather provides unrivaled look and feel
  • Padded thumb and pinky sleeve for added comfort
  • Professional patterns
  • Individual identification numbers

Right-Hand Throw Model.

  • Weight_3lbs
  • Dimensions_15×12×6in
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