Pro Velocity Bat - 32" Standard

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Unlike traditional “static” weighted bats, The ProVelocity Bat features Dynamic Inertia Technology.

While the ProVelocity Bat is heavier than your game bat, the majority of the weight is inside the sliding barrel which starts close to your hands at the beginning of your swing.

This makes the bat initially feel much lighter at and helps to build the fast twitch muscle memory necessary needed to get on plane quickly.

As the barrel extends the bat get’s increasingly heavier developing your core and larger muscles for a powerful rotary swing.

Unlike traditional heavy bats, the barrel won’t release if you try to push or drag the bat through the strike zone. You have to learn to use your core to whip the barrel on plane for early bat speed and explosive power.


This baseball training bat was designed to increase your performance! It features a 32-inch length and 42 ounces of weight, this bat is made to maximize solid contact. Designed for players ages 13 - 17 and has a 2 3/4" barrel diameter. The advanced audio feedback system allows you clearly hear and visualize each swing path for best results. Plus, the resistance band weight system increases the bat speed for ultimate power. Equipped with 6 15 lb. bands and 2 5 lb. bands, this training tool teaches proper sequencing while enforcing correct follow through. You can improve your skill set by not pushing, rolling over, or casting your hands using the Pro Velocity Bat Standard Shaft Training bat.

  • Weight_4lbs
  • Dimensions_34×3×3in
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