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PBPro takes infield training gloves to the next level.

PBPTEliteC28 Catchers trainer is made of the high quality Maruhashi Monroe leather and features USA tanned leather lacing.  PBPro Elite Trainer is a 28″ circumference catcher’s trainer featuring a closed web style with I bar support.

PBPro training gloves are built for and inspired by players for players. PBPro takes training gloves to the next level.

PBPro training gloves are built for and inspired by players for players.

It’s not just about selling gloves. At PBPro working with good teammates who play, played and know the game drives us to build magnificent product. The grit, the sweat, the determination. The Proven Brand gloves are built by players for players.

Our goal is to make the best baseball gloves in the world. Quality is more important to us than quantity. Our gloves are designed by players and we produce gloves for the select few, the workers, the dreamers. At The Proven Brand we strive to craft product which assists you in reaching your goals and dreams!

Features and Benefits
  • 28" Circumference design to promote quick ball transfer and improve catcher's defensive techniques
  • High Quality Maruhashi Monroe Leather and USA tanned lacing
  • Conventional open back style
  • Major League quality materials with small size pocket to promote good catching habits for bullpen and practice use
  • For right-handed throwers
  • Weight_2lbs
  • Dimensions_14×9×6in
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