Old Hickory RA13 Pro Maple Steel Pressed

Wood Bat Length: 31 Inches
Sale price$199.99


Old Hickory’s Steel Pressed RA13 is here!

This model has a matte black handle, a flame barrel and black/gold labeling.

The RA13 is fashioned after the Ronald Acuna model. It has an incredibly long barrel and a huge sweet-spot. A medium barrel diameter, medium handle diameter and flared knob help make this bat extremely balanced even with the large, extended sweet spot.

This is a steel pressed model.

With grains that are compacted and compressed with cold, hard steel you will not find a harder bat! Complete with a 45-Day Warranty, this Steel Pressed finished bat is taking durability and exit velocities to the next level!

  • Weight_2lbs
  • Dimensions_34×3×3in

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