Old Hickory MT27 Steel Pressed Pro Maple

Wood Bat Length: 30 Inches
Sale price$219.99


Swing the same Old Hickory bat that Mike does.

The MT27 features a long barrel with great balance for maximum production.

Mike Trout's Old Hickory MT27 is now Steel Pressed!

The Old Hickory MT27 Steel Pressed Pro Maple is now in stock with the STEEL PRESSED finish! This is the same model and same finish as Mike Trout's gamer with a Natural Handle and a Black Barrel.

Old Hickory uses cold hard steel to compact and compress the wood grains. As a result, you will not find a harder bat! Old Hickory Bats provides a 45-Day Warranty. This Steel Pressed finished bat is taking durability and exit velocities to the next level!

The Old Hickory MT27 Pro Maple features a long barrel that tapers to a thin handle with a traditional knob. Additionally, the MT27 model features great balance for maximum production. The build of this bat allows for maximum whip and power throughout the swing!

Dimensions: 2 1/2 barrel (medium/large), 29/32 handle (thin), standard knob


  • Colorway - Natural Handle | Black Barrel
  • Wood - Steel Pressed Pro Maple
  • 45 Day Warranty - Best Warranty in the Industry
  • MT27 Model - Same Model as Mike Trout's Gamer
  • Long Barrel - Maximum Pop as well as Optimal Balance
  • Balanced Barrel - One of the most Balanced Bats on the Market
  • Thin Handle - Creates Added Whip
  • Traditional Knob - Provides added Comfort and Reduces Friction
  • Logo - Topped off with a Shiny Silver Logo Sticker

For the non-steel pressed model, click here: MT27 Custom Pro

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