Marucci Nightshift Chuck Taylor 11.5" Infielders Glove

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This 11.5″ Chuck Taylor Nightshift Glove is a one of a kind. The black and white design give it a sleek look and the I-web and medium depth pocket are perfect for infielders.

The Marucci Nightshift Chuck T Baseball Glove features an M-Type fit, moisture-wicking mesh wrist lining, and a series of memory foam padding options designed to give you unbelievable comfort. The highest grade Cabretta Sheepskin lining creates an unbelievably soft feel for your hands as you play like a pro. Don’t settle for anything less – experience the power of the Marucci Nightshift Chuck T 11.5" Baseball Glove today. With its black and white design and industry leading features, such as the M-Type fit, you’ll experience great comfort and take your game to the highest level. Get ready to up your game with the Marucci Nightshift Chuck T Baseball Glove.

Glove Length: 11.5 Inch
Web Design: I-Web
Position Recommendation: Infield
Series: Marucci Nightshift
Pocket Depth: Medium
Glove Fit: M-Type
Colorway: Black & White
Wrist Lining: Moisture-Wicking Mesh
Memory Foam Padding: For Optimal Comfort
Lining: Highest-Grade Cabretta Sheepskin
Leather: Premium Japanese-Tanned USA Kip leather

  • Weight_3lbs
  • Dimensions_10×10×10in
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