Guardian Sliding Mitt - Purple

Size: Youth
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Sliding mitts are here to stay. Players want to look good and feel protected at the same time. The Guardian sliding mitt fits on either hand and comes in youth and adult sizes. These sliding mitts protect the fingers, hands, and wrists. Why miss time due to an injury when all you had to do is wear this?

HAND AND WRIST SAFETY: Adult and youth sliding mitts with premium protective shields that cover the hand and wrist to help prevent injuries while base running.

SECURE, CUSTOM FIT AND FEEL: The elastic compression strap on the sliding glove for baseball allows for a secure and comfortable fit keeping it in place plus it can be worn on both left hand or right hand.

STYLISH DESIGN: Guardian Baseball offers protective gear with wrist protection plus a stylish and standout design that helps keep your player safe while looking and playing their best. The sliding mitt for baseball comes in adult and youth sizes. This would make great gift for your player.

EASY TO CARRY, FITS IN BACK POCKET: Our sliding glove for baseball fits in the rear pocket of most baseball pants. Once your player gets on base they can quickly and easily put on the mitt so they can run the bases with confidence!

WORN BY PROS, COLLEGIATE AND YOUTH ATHLETES: The baseball hand guard is growing in popularity at the professional baseball level. It brings a much-needed extra level of safety to the game.

  • Weight_1lbs
  • Dimensions_13×8×2in
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