EvoShield - Catcher's Thumb Guard

Size: Small
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PROTECT YOUR GAME. Protect your game with EvoShield’s custom molding Catcher’s Thumb Guard.

You're seen as the captain on the field. As the one who is always expected to make the big play, and you can't afford to be held back or stopped by injuries, especially to your hands.

With the EvoShield Catcher's Thumb Guard, you'll have customized protection that allows you to make every play while protecting your current injuries and preventing future injuries, including Gameskeeper's Thumb and bone bruises.

Designed by the nation's top professional athletic trainers, the EvoShield Catcher's Thumb Guard was created to keep you in the game, withstanding even the toughest conditions.

Measure from base of palm to large knuckle on thumb.

Small = 3 1/4" or less

Large = 3 1/4" or more

  • Weight_1lbs
  • Dimensions_0×0×0in
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