Easton - Professional Collection B21 Model 11.5" Infield Glove - (B21 Model)

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Elevate your status to defensive wizard when you defend with the Easton Pro B21 11.5″ Baseball Glove.

Right Hand Throw model.

Designed for elite infielders looking for a dependable glove for seasons to come, this baseball glove is crafted with durable, premium steerhide leather with an infield pattern and shallow pocket that enables efficient catching and transferring of the ball to your throwing hand.

Pro Grade Rawhide laces increase the pocket strength while dense cowhide finger linings mold to your hand during the break-in process. The split leather welting helps keep the glove rigid and the steer hide binding increases the gloves lifespan.

This glove is a neutral pattern and has a medium depth pocket for quick transfers.


* 11.5"

* Infield Model

* I-Web

* Infield pattern with shallow pocket

* Premium Reserve USA steer hide leather

* Dense cowhide finger lining

* Sheep wool shearling fur wrist liner

Right Hand Throw Model.

  • Weight_2lbs
  • Dimensions_0×0×0in
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