Birdman Private Stock OZZ1 Birch Bat

Wood Bat Lengths: 31 Inch
Sale price$169.99


Our Private Stock OZZ1 comes just like Ozzie’s main gamer.

Crafted from our finest top shelf birch and finished with gold fixins’.

This bat is sure to bring the thunder!

When he designed the Birdman Private Stock OZZ1, Ozzie had one thing in mind. He wanted the largest barrel possible. He paired a medium sized tapered handle to go along with that extra-large, long barrel. The result is sure to bring the thunder!

This Birdman Private Stock OZZ1, just like all of our private stock wood bats, comes with a 30 day warranty.

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About Birdman

Whether it’s Birch or Maple, the process of every single bat starts with hand choosing the perfect piece of lumber for the job. From here, the Birdman team of experts inspect the wood for quality assurance and straightness of grains. Upon passing their rigorous inspection they mark the centers on each end, label it and put it on the lathe.

From start to finish, Birdman's personal touch and fine attention to detail make for an incredibly high quality product you can rely on. Birdman believes each and every bat is a unique piece of art, and more specifically, functional art. The proof is in the pudding. Birdman bats are beautiful and are tirelessly proven to have the power! For now, “there’s always more where that came from”. Birdman is proudly here making you the best bats on the planet!

  • Weight_3lbs
  • Dimensions_34×3×3in
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