Ball Player Balm Bat Tack - Sour Watermelon

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Ball Player’s Balm Sour Watermelon Bat Tack is easy to apply. Simply tear the tube from the top and rub it on your bat’s handle until you achieve the desired stickiness. Best for temperatures above 50 degrees, this Grape scented bat tack guarantees a great grip in all conditions. Please avoid exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods to maintain its longevity. Available in a compact 4.3 oz size. Get a great grip and a great smell at the same time.


Smells like Watermelon AND gives you a superior grip on the bat!

- Tear tube to expose stick

- Apply to the taper or handle of the bat

- Designed for wood and metal bats

- Rub on bat to activate scent and supreme tack

  • Weight_0.5lbs
  • Dimensions_8×2×2in
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