Tiger Stick Bat Grip

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Tiger Stick is one of the best grips on the market and it has been around for years. Just peel back the cardboard and rub it on. It works on wood and aluminum bats alike. An item used daily by dozens of MLB players shows how good this product really is.

Tiger Stick Bat Grip - GRIP93
The days of using messy, staining pine tar sticks are over. Tiger Stick is the ultimate batting grip. This unique formulation provides a perfect non-slip grip. Tiger Stick revolutionary sports grip is a must for any baseball player serious about his game. It will enhance your confidence at the plate to give you that extra firm bat grip and control you need.

Tiger Stick Bat Grip Features:

Used by many of the top major league baseball players
Improves bat grip and control
Helps prevent slippery, sweaty hands
Easy to use, non staining
Long lasting and reusable

  • Weight_1lbs
  • Dimensions_8×2×2in
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