All Star S7 AXIS™ USA Adult Pro Catching KIT (CKPRO1X-USA)

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This gear is only for those who are serious about catching at the highest level!

Same Great Gear - Patriotic, USA Stars & Stripes Color Scheme.

All-Star's System 7 AXIS line of gear in a convenient complete set. (Recommended for ages 16 and above)

Features of Included items:

All-Star S7 AXIS Professional Level Chest Protector (CP30PRO)

The S7 Axis™ chest protector features many of the loved features of the original S7™ CP30PRO including wedged abs for blocking, internal and moldable PE protective plates for protection and fit, and the same outer profile. this chest protector will feel just like the classic with a few major improvements.

* Diamond vents line the back for even more weight reduction and breathability
* Stainless steel matte black hardware
* Seamless TPU sonic welded logo
* Thinner and more form fitting DeltaFlex harness
* Improved break points which present a flatter surface for blocking and improving control
* LENGTH:16.5"

All-Star S7 Axis Professional Catcher's Leg Guards (LG30WPRO)

Simply put, these are the best leg guards ever developed.

Inspired by motocross leg guards, the LINQ™ pivoting hinge allows a catcher to strap these on and completely forget about them. When blocking and running down the basepath, the S7 AXIS™ leg guards move hand in hand with how legs bend. LINQ™ hinge system for the best mobility

* Single top strap remains behind thigh without dropping behind back of the knee

* Reinforced front double knee protector straps for added durability for indoor workouts

* Wider and smoother knee for better pivoting and sliding

* Repositionable center knee pad with D3O® padding

* Diamond vents line the back for even more weight reduction and breathability

* Stainless steel matte black hardware

* LENGTH:16.5"

* CLEANING: Machine wash. Cold water / mild detergent / air dry

All-Star MVP2500TT Adult Two-Tone Catcher's Helmet The System Seven™

MVP2500 series of masks are recommended for college though youth catchers.

This mask features an I-BAR VISION™ steel cage, a high impact resistant ABS plastic shell with increased forehead thickness, a backplate designed to keep the snaps on, and a breathable 3D mesh padding liner. The bars on the cage around the eye openings are flatter for increased range of view and to make the bars stronger. Instead of using a round steel bar, the I-BAR VISION™ cages utilize a flat bar, comparable to an I-Beam used in building construction.

SIZES: The Average 12 year old can typically start wearing an Adult sized helmet.

CLEANING: Machine wash liner. Cold water / mild detergent / air dry

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