2023 Louisville Slugger META BBCOR (-3) Bat

BBCOR (-3) Sizes: 31 in. / 28 oz.
Sale price$499.99


Unmatched bat control and swing speed.

The 2023 Louisville Slugger Meta® (-3) BBCOR Bat empowers top high school and college hitters to generate consistent hard contact.

The ultimate combination of speed and power

Elite hitters keep returning to the EKO™ Composite Barrel of the Louisville Slugger META BBCOR for its consistent performance, massive sweet spot and signature sound on contact. This three-piece composite design pairs the handle and barrel with a stiff 3FX™ Connection System to dampen vibration while maximizing performance.

No matter a player’s approach at the plate, the Louisville Slugger META BBCOR helps take their tools to the next level by converting elite bat speed to serious production.

  • EKO™ Composite Barrel: Engineered to the pinnacle of performance. A light-swinging monster barrel profile, optimized sweet spot, and the truest sound in the game
  • GT1™ End Cap: Maximizes barrel length and swing speed, delivering added power in every swing
  • 3FX™ Connection System: Three-piece design gives players a ‘stiff’ feel, while also dramatically reducing vibration on mis-hits
  • Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip™: Designed to give players added tack and cushion. This improves feel and bat control through the zone
  • Balanced Swing Weight: For the ultimate combination of speed and power
  • Meets BBCOR standard

WARNING: Most bats are made to standards of governing bodies, including any certifications shown on this bat. Still, a hitter can generate batted ball speeds that present a risk of serious injury or death to fielders, nearby players, coaches, umpires, and spectators. Be alert and aware of all batters. Use appropriate protective equipment at all times, on a baseball or softball field or near a batter.

Manufacturing tolerances, performance considerations, and grip weight may cause variations from the listed weight/Mass Index.

  • Weight_3lbs
  • Dimensions_34×3×3in
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