Wilson 2023 A2K® 1810SS 12.75” OUTFIELD BASEBALL GLOVE

Wilson 2023 A2K® 1810SS 12.75” OUTFIELD BASEBALL GLOVE


An Aso original.

The latest staple in the A2K lineup, the 12.75” A2K 1810SS brings unprecedented control to the outfield grass. Wilson Master Glove Craftsman Shigeaki Aso overhauled the all-new A2K 1810SS glove model with a modified wrist strap and an altered, lower divider between the middle and ring fingers. These innovations stabilize the glove and allow outfielders to take full advantage of its 12.75” length.

Long-lasting Vintage Tan Pro Stock® Select leather and lightweight SuperSkin™ further enhance comfort, making the A2K 1810SS an outfielder’s best friend.

Right Hand Throw Model.

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Boasting outlined Bold Logos, the A2K 1810SS will keep all eyes on you.

This A2K’s pristine Pro Stock® Select leather is reviewed three times to ensure flawlessness. Bold Logos outlined in Black ensure the A2K 1810SS will draw everyone’s attention.

Wilson A2K baseball gloves are nothing short of perfection. It all starts with our triple-sorted Pro Stock Select™ leather. This leather is known throughout the game as the most flawless ball glove leather out there today. Each and every A2K glove is hand-shaped three times longer than other gloves by our expert craftsmen, so you get an easy break-in and long-lasting shape.

The A2K’s iconic Double Palm Construction lends to a more pillowy feel. As a result, you get unmatched comfort and an incredibly stable pocket. Rolled Dual Welting™ helps them hold their shape longer than other gloves on the market. Consequently, some of the biggest stars in Major League Baseball turn to their own A2K when they step onto the field each and every day.

Our A2K lineup features options for infielders, outfielders, pitchers, catchers and first basemen. So, no matter what position you play, you can hit the field with the best glove in the world by your side.

  • Pro Stock® Select Leather: No leather in the game today compares to our Pro Stock® Select leather. We triple-sort our leather hides for consistency and flawlessness. Only the top 5% of hides are used to craft our A2K® gloves.
  • SuperSkin™: SuperSkin™ is a microfiber material that’s half the weight of Pro Stock Leather, but twice as durable. Its moisture-resistant design extends the longevity of the glove. It is also easier to clean than traditional leather.
  • Spin Control Technology:  A dimpled pattern in the Pro Stock™ Leather in the palm and web of your A2K. This pattern helps reduce the spin rate of the ball by rapidly increasing friction at the moment of contact between ball and glove.
  • Double Palm Construction: A thin, perfectly shaped piece of leather placed between the palm liner and the outer shell enhances pocket stability. It also reduces the wrinkles in the palm of your glove, reducing the rebound on balls that hit your glove and providing a longer-lasting shape.
  • Rolled Dual Welting: Dual Welting in Wilson gloves goes beyond a mere cosmetic effect. It is integrated into the liner of each infield, outfield and pitcher’s model. Dual welting offers better support and helps your glove hold its shape better over time.
  • Flat Finger Binding: Flat Finger Binding gives players who prefer to play with a finger outside the glove greater comfort and control in the field. By reducing the amount of space between your finger and the back of the glove, you’ll experience less pain when making plays
  • DriLex Wrist Lining: Keeps your hand dry and comfortable on the field and behind the dish.
  • Bold Logos: Bold logos strip away the distractions. This allows outlined, eye-catching Wilson logos to announce a new era in the iconic story of Wilson Ball Gloves.
  • 12.75″

Right Hand Throw Model.

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