Phoenix Bats - R318M - Pro Model Maple Bat

Wood Bat Length: 32.5 Inches
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Rip it through the strike zone and still watch it fly when you make contact!

Are you a power hitter craving to generate more bat speed? Try the R318 wood baseball bat. It is not top heavy and has a more manageable sized barrel (having a diameter in between that of a R141 and V243) versus a traditional power hitter’s bat.

While similar to the NP13, in barrel diameter and that it is a smaller barreled power hitter’s bat, the weight distribution is slightly different. With the R318, the weight is slightly more in the barrel, although not dramatic as it would be versus a big barreled power hitter's wood bat.

In addition, there is one other slight difference between the R318 and NP13, which really is what causes a player to choose one bat over the other—it’s in the transition from handle in to knob. The R318 wood baseball bat has a fairly straight transition. Many of our pros comment on how they like the feel of the bottom of their hand when gripping it. The NP13, by comparison, has a slight flare at the end of the handle going in to the knob.

R318 Professional Series Wood Bat Stats:

Barrel: 2-9/16” slightly larger/slightly end-weighted: more than gap hitter's bat but not as barrel heavy as true power hitter bat

Handle: 15/16” average diameter, pretty straight handle

Knob: enough to catch your hand

Typical User:

Gap/extra-bases hitter who wants a little bit of barrel weight to do a little more damage.

Power hitter who wants to generate more bat speed. He gives up big barrel for an easier swing, but is still able to crush it.

High school player who is a true power hitter: he has the muscle and physique to handle the barrel weight.

Natural Barrel / Cherry Handle / Gold Logo

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