Rawlings Pro Label 7 Camel 12″ HOH Glove

Rawlings Pro Label 7 Camel 12″ HOH Glove


Limited Edition – Pro Label 7 Camel 12″ Infield/Pitcher’s Glove

The seventh edition of Rawlings’ exclusive Pro Label line is an absolute stunner. The Pro Label 7 Camel comes with a striking closed-back shell, providing a sleek profile and more glove control when you’re in the field. In addition, this glove is made with world-renowned Heart of the Hide leather, so you know it’s going to hold its performance season after season.

Right-Hand Throw Model.

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Limited Edition – Pro Label 7 Black 12″ Infield/Pitcher’s Glove

The Pro Label 7 Camel 12″ glove comes in a new, versatile 200 pattern, so you can move around the diamond and get reliable performance at multiple positions. This glove’s gold accents against a mesmerizing camel and black colorway send a message of elegance and swagger.  As an added touch, the Pro Label 7 features an ultra-rare leather Rawlings patch, setting it apart from any glove you’ll find on store shelves.

Each Pro Label 7 is individually crafted by the world’s top glove makers. When you put yours on, you’ll feel the dedication and hard work that comes with turning a glove into a true work of art. Get your Pro Label 7 Camel infield/pitcher’s glove today!

  • 12″ – Infield/Pitcher’s Glove
  • Pro Laced 2 Pc Closed Web pattern
  • Taken exclusively from hand selected pro-grade hides, Heart of the Hide® leather is ultra-durable & renowned for forming the perfect pocket.
  • Closed Back Shell
  • Authentic Pro pattern
  • Tennessee Tanning pro lace
  • Deer-tanned cowhide lining
  • Heart of the Hide traditional leather shell

Right-Hand Throw Model.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 6 in
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