Louisville Slugger C243 SIX STAR MLB PRIME Limited Edition Birch Bat

Louisville Slugger C243 SIX STAR MLB PRIME Limited Edition Birch Bat

Everyone will stand at attention when you step in with the Six Star.

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This limited-edition C243, Louisville Slugger’s original large barrel turning model, pays homage to the armed forces with a sleek design and all the impressive features of the 2020 MLB Prime bats. Inspired by the powerful visual representation of the U.S. military, this bat features a matte army green and black fade design with a camouflage center brand and a never-before-seen military-inspired font style on the end brand.

The C243 is the original large barrel bat. As aluminum bats became a part of the game, the demand for large-barreled, thin-handled bats led to the popularity of the C243. Every large barrel turning model since has been a slight modification from this model. It is a ‘4’ (Slightly End Loaded) on the Swing Weight Scale.

Birch is considered a relatively new species in the game, but is one of the fastest-growing among professional players. It features a surface hardness close to that of Maple bats, but an increased flexibility similar to that of an Ash bat.


* Features EXOPRO finish – twice as hard as previous ExoArmor finish

* Turning Model: C243

* MLB Birch

* Swing Weight: Slightly End Loaded (4)

* Color: Fade – Matte Army Green to Black

* Bone-Rubbed & Cupped

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Wood Bat Length



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