All-Star CP30PRO – System 7 Adult 16.5″ Chest Protector

All-Star CP30PRO – System 7 Adult 16.5″ Chest Protector


The System Seven chest protector is jam-packed with high end features.



Numerous thin layers of foam were handpicked and layered for specific qualities, such as breathability, flexibility, and dampening. All-Star strategically placed lightweight plastic plates around the collar bone, throat and sternum areas so that the chest protector will take the brunt of the impact, not you.

On the CP30PRO, the true beauty lies between the bars….Six pads have been wedged, and as a result balls blocked kick downward.

* Reduced weight (22.4 oz) and larger UltraCool vent holes

* Wedged ab pads dampen and deflect balls downward

* Sternum, throat, and moldable collar bone PE plates

* Adjustable shoulder cap

* Low rebound memory foam

* Wraparound sides

* DeltaFlex harness

* AEGIS MicrobeShield

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Color Option



*Some restrictions do apply.